Marketing to Mom: Digital Families Are the Norm

March 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

Am I getting a new iPad?  Of course, I am, as soon as the crowds die down.  Technology is all around us and in our purse.  In 2009, only 22% of Moms had a smartphone.  Well, today, two-thirds of moms have a smartphone and it is an appendage to our bodies.  Some 40% of tablet users are women, and their kids.  You see, over half of all tablet purchases are made by households with children under 18, according to Forrester Research.  And that does not include e-readers like Kindles, where women dominate, 63% women versus 37% of men owning them.  Some 80% of tablet users have made a purchase on their tablet, and its not all apps, books and music.  Seven in ten children under 12 in tablet households use them regularly.

How is this ubiquitous technology changing things for families?

•We can keep up with our children, both small and grown, anywhere in the world or down the block.

•Information is accessible to us 24/7, so students and adults don’t have to memorize as many things. Even encyclopedias are all online.  No more end tables or bookshelves made out of Encyclopedia Brittannicas.

•Backpacks can shrink and purses enlarge, because textbooks are accessible on tablets, improving the posture of adolescents.  Our children carry a library around in their backpack, thanks to online resources.

•Education online is becoming the norm, fueled by apps.

•Shopping is online, offline and peer recommended. And “never pay retail” is the mantra of moms.

•The tablet is becoming the “fourth screen”, following the television, computer, and smartphone.

•Our visual vocabulary is growing because of new sites like Pinterest and Instagram.  And everything we do can be captured by digital cameras.

•Power up is not a sport drink; its the lifeline to all of our gadgets, requiring our cars, our offices, our homes, our airports, our coffee shops to offer charging stations, wifi and our beverage of choice.

•Television may not longer be a stationary or lonely activity – with programming mobile and social.

•And even are Bible studies are richer, because our churches are studded with iPad users who look up scriptures in various different translations from just one device.

My Mom never owned a computer or a cell phone.   My daughter has never known a time without a computer or a cellphone.  And kids today will never know a time without wifi, tablets and interactive media.  Heck, coffee tables may go away too.  Who needs them to hold up magazines anymore?







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