Marketing to Women: Multitasking Means Multi-Engagement

March 29, 2012 § Leave a comment


I am sitting at home, watching television and writing this blog.  I am using my laptop, but I could just as easily have been using my iPad or iPhone.  Usually I will check in on Twitter and Facebook, check my email and surf the net to check out the news.  And I am not alone.  According to eMarketer,  US adults crammed more than 11 hours of media content into an average day in 2011.  We are engaged in”multitasking” – the concurrent performance of multiple tasks at once – and “multi-engagement”.


Now folks used to think that multitasking was a bad thing because of distraction and lack of attention, but for marketers, it offers the opportunity to reach our consumers in complimentary ways.  We have known for quite some time that television and the internet have a symbiotic relationship.  We can use our tablets and laptops to inform what we are watching on television.  We might be looking up a new product we saw in a spot, buying an American Idol song, or checking out a brand’s Facebook page.

In fact, some 16% of online consumers say they go to websites of ads they have seen, according to a Q2 2011 Ipsos MediaCT survey of online consumers.

The multiple media platforms of today offer us an unprecedented opportunity to coordinate messaging across platforms in new and exciting ways.  A campaign of today can include traditional television, various social media platforms and all types of digital ad units, providing a media network that allows for conversation and engagement.

We now know that rich media drives post-ad website visits 3 times higher for rich media and 6 times higher for rich media with video,  when compared with standard banner ads.  The impressions for brands have never been more varied and accretive.  We can see a spot on television, read an email from a retailer, view an interactive ad on our tablet, watch a rich media digital ad, see a post on Facebook, hear and see an ad on Pandora, and then head to a website to make a purchase.  Reach and frequency has a whole new meaning in today’s world.



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