Marketing for Moms: Mother’s Day Is the Second Most Popular Gifting Holiday

May 1, 2012 § 1 Comment

You can be late with our birthday present, but don’t fool around on Mother’s Day.  Research from Unity Marketing shows that Mother’s Day is ranked the second most popular gifting holiday after Christmas.  It’s estimated that consumers will be spending $18.6 billion for someone special on Mother’s Day. Individual consumers expect to spend an average $152.52 on the holiday compared to $140.73 in 2011.

The Mother's Day Gift Givers in My Family

NRF reports that of the 86.5% celebrating Mother’s Day this year, nearly 65% will shop for their mom or stepmom, while others will buy gifts for their wife (22.4%), daughter (10.5%), grandmother (8.2%), sister (8.4%), friend (7.6%) or godmother (2.1%).

And here is another bit of good news for Moms:  Chocolate and other consumables are some of the most popular and fastest growing categories for Mother’s Day gifts.  What’s not growing?  Greeting cards are seeing a bit of a decline, even though NRF reports that 83% of us will buy a Mother’s Day card for someone.

Unity Marketing findings show that consumers feel that the ideal gift is one that a recipient wants but is unwilling to purchase for themselves.   NRF’s 2012 Mother’s Day consumer spending survey says gift givers will spoil mom with special meals and/or outings, clothing, electronics, flowers and more. Two-thirds (66.4%) will buy flowers, spending a total of $2.2 billion, and more than half (54.3%) will take Mom out to eat.  Mother’s Day has long been the highest volume restaurant sales day.  It’s the Superbowl for most sit-down restaurants.

Unity Marketing reports the ubiquitous gift card is not growing as fast as previously seen.  Buying a gift is still personal – and represents a type of emotional consumerism.  The gift giver seeks to strengthen the emotional bond between themselves and the recipient.  According to Hallmark research,  the most-appreciated Mother’s Day gifts have a personal touch and reflect that some thought was invested in the gift.

Recently my daughter Katie gave me an autographed cookbook from Susan Feniger because she knows I love her restaurants.  She followed that up with all the ingredients to make one of the restaurant’s favorite dishes Kaya Toast.  It was a special treat and very much personalized to my obsessive foodie self who lives 2,000 miles from Street Restaurant.

In gift shopping in general, Unity Marketing reports that 52 percent of all gifting consumers consider the internet/online websites as their regular ‘go-to’ destination for gifts.  This new percentage of online shoppers represents a big increase over 2010 when only 39 percent of gift shoppers rated online as their top destination. The NRF report says that one in four will actually buy their gifts online.  Many are doing their research, comparing prices, redeeming coupons and looking up information on products and stores.

Some tips for retailers:

1.  Don’t forget your own Mom’s present.  Does she like dark chocolate?  It’s healthy and indulgent.  And, a card would still be nice.

2.  Create some type of emotional connection to your product with references to the connection with your Mom or shared memories.

3.  Make sure your website offers 24/7 access to an easy-to-navigate online shopping experience.  Also make sure your hours and seasonal offerings are correct.

4.  Provide free shipping for most things.  It’s expected, so get over it!

5.  Send reminders to your customers about last minute shopping needs and expedite those last minute orders to make that gift giver look like a hero.  Because we all know those busy kids may have the date slip up on them.


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