Marketing to Smartphone Women: M is for Mobile Coupons!

May 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

The old saw “Shop ’til you drop” may have to be modified to “Shop ’til you drop your phone”.  According to a Harris Interactive survey done for CouponCabin of over 3300 U.S. adults, 40% of smartphone owners have redeemed a coupon on their mobile device.

What are those coupons they are redeeming? Harris learned that 39% of redemptions from smartphones involved grocery store coupons and 34% involved online coupon codes. Less than a third of redemptions (29%) were printable coupons and less than a quarter (24%) were free samples or trials.

I think the actual bar code coupons on your phone are going to gain traction in the future for in-store shopping.  Walgreen’s was one of the first to provide mobile coupons on their app.  Every week a series of coupons are provided in the app for your convenience.  I look at the coupons provided every time I walk into the store.

The study says that 29% of smartphone owners search for mobile coupons at least once a month, and 72% of advanced phone owners say they would be at least somewhat likely to use a mobile app that offered different kinds of coupons.

So I assumed that CouponCabin has an app that delivers coupons.  I decided to give it a try.  The grocery coupons seemed good but I had to email them to myself.  There were options for some of the deals that were scannable from my phone.   I already have Coupon Sherpa and honestly I tend to forget that I have it since only a few of the stores are near me but their coupons have barcodes that can be scanned directly from the phone.

Currently 50% of all mobiles are smartphones and the number of smartphones will only continue to increase.  Some 59% of smartphone owners think it is important to be able to make purchases from their smartphones.  One out of four smartphone users are like me – they have searched for a coupon to use in a retail store – or scanned a barcode for comparison shopping.

Marketers should be ready for the coming onslaught of mobile coupons and comparison shopping.  Customer service, ease of check-out and speed of acceptance will be defining moments for the retailers that use mobile coupons.


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