Marketing to Online Women: Will Social Be The Top Engagement Tool?

May 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Currently only 16% of global companies engage customers through social media, but a whopping 57% of global CEOs plan on using it in the next 3-5 years, according to an IBM study of 1700 global CEOs.

This move would put social media ahead of websites and call centers. The bad news for traditional media is that social media would replace some current traditional media.

What do CEOs want to know about customers? They are seeking to better understand customer needs. Now, that is refreshing news. They also want to improve response time to market needs and improving customer experience across channels. Those companies most likely to see social media’s importance are education, telecommunications, and retail.

Where is your company going with social media? Do you have a plan? The first step is listening. Find out what consumers are saying about you and your products. Check out your competitors I social. Create a manageable plan to get started and put the right resources behind it to keep it going. Make sure there is a strategy behind your plan and understand what your metrics are.

I believe strongly that every marketing budget should reserve 10% for new tactics and strategies because today’s new medium may be tomorrow’s main medium.


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