Marketing to Women: A Picture on Pinterest Is Worth A Thousand Words

June 10, 2012 § 1 Comment

I could tell you that last week I was working on a campaign for a trauma hospital but this picture gives a much better glimpse of what we did.

In the face of speculations about the waning health and wealth of social media, the darlings of growth Pinterest and Instagram seem to be skyrocketing in popularity. Instagram  has grown to 30 million users.  Pinterest has moved from obscurity to the third most popular social network in terms of total visits behind Facebook and Twitter. Comscore reported Pinterest had 18.7 million users in March 2012.  And of course, more than 80% of all users are women.  So what’s up with these upstarts?

Photos are important to all of social media.  Even Facebook will tell you that their community uploads 250 million photos a day.  The importance of images led Facebook to purchase Instagram for $1 billion.

Images rule.  Yes, we love to use images to tell our stories.  They are provocative.  They inspire.  They communicate.  They are worthy of sharing.  Images are at the heart of social media.  Infographics have helped explain the unexplainable to us.  One interesting aspect of Pinterest is its wonderful ability to share inspiration and ideas.  Whether it is a hairstyle, a biting quote, or an image of a remote getaway, it takes us someplace else.  I love what Bianca Bosker says about  the self-aggrandizing noise of some social media:

“In short, too many of our posts come with the silent subtext “Here’s how great I am.” On Pinterest, the tone seems to be ‘Wouldn’t this be great?’ “

Culture is definitely becoming more visual.  The smartphone has allowed us all to take pictures on the go and post them.  The number of pictures taken has exploded.  Smartphones account for 27 percent of all photos taken in 2011, up from 17% in 2010.

Everything about our culture revolves around arresting images.  Even Target‘s successful advertising campaign depends on a graphic design approach to advertising.

According to Shawn Graham at Fast Company: “Pinterest’s rapid ascent into the social strata has reemphasized something we’ve known since the day the first camera was invented way back in the 1800s — pictures matter.”

So what should we do? Embrace images.

1.  Invest in the time to create images that tell your corporate story.  Look at all of your visual assets and create an image strategy for social media.

2.  Experiment with Instagram and Pinterest as a marketing tool.  Create virtual tours, highlight images of your products and services, show product usage, highlight inspirations for your consumers, and provide helpful tips and hints for users.

3.  Remember keywords are important to images as well.  Make sure you put in captions and descriptions that make your images fun to find.

4.  Investigate new marketing tools like Luminate that make images interactive.


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§ One Response to Marketing to Women: A Picture on Pinterest Is Worth A Thousand Words

  • Avis Tancredi says:

    My experience with pinterest:

    I’ve used pinterest to improve my site’s ranking and the outcome was great, it has improved from page 5 to 3rd spot of 1st page within 3 weeks.

    I found that the seller named “pinterest”, which ranked first when you search “pinterest” at Fiverr, has produced the best results on my websites. The seller pins my site with 75 different people, not sure how he did this, but it has improve my SERP’s ranking. I’ve tried 5 other sellers who offer pinterest gigs on Fiverr but they can’t improve my site’s ranking. Some of them even caused dropping on my site’s ranking. I don’t know why.

    After using pinterest for SEO for quite some time, I’ve discovered some of its benefits:
    – Each pin is considered as 3 inbound links.
    – Links and images from pinterest are dofollow.
    – Google loves social media signal.
    – Remember to ping the links of the pins to get indexed by Google!

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