Marketing to Women: Building Better Facebook Ads

June 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

Facebook has been under scrutiny recently for advertising performance and stalling growth.  But what if some of the fault is with advertisers and their ads.  Some examples of strong and weak Facebook ads have been reposted here from The Advertising Research Foundation.

Strong Facebook Ad

What makes a better Facebook ad?  Well, some of the tried and true methods will make your Facebook ads stronger. A new study has found that some of the old tenets of advertising are still true for Facebook today.

The  Facebook study had professional marketers evaluate 400 Facebook ads against six traditional criteria for advertising creative.  Those criteria will ring true with those of us who grew up in advertising:

Does the ad have a focal point?

• How strong is its brand link (ie: how easy it was to identify who the advertiser was)?

• How well does the tone of the ad fit the brand’s personality?

• How noticeable is the ad?

• How effective is it at getting its point across?

• Is there a “reward” for reading it (ie: Did it make you feel good? Did you learn something? Is there a specific offer?)?

Weak Facebook Ad

The study looked at how well the ads performed, using two traditional advertising measures: ad recall and purchase intent.  The ads that performed best were the ones that had a focal point, brand link, and appropriate tone. And the most important criteria was that the ad needed to have some kind of reward.

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