Marketing to Women: Smartphones or Sex?

June 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Smartphone or Sex?  You might think you know the answer.  But compare the results from Gazelle with those from the Lipstick Economy/Social Moms poll from last October and see how sex ranks with smartphone lovers.

The new Gazelle ( survey reports that 65% of their respondents would not be able to live without their smartphone and 15% say they would rather give up sex than give up their iPhone.  The survey was in honor of iPhone’s fifth birthday and respondents were Gazelle customers who have traded in at least one iPhone.

In the Lipstick Economy/Social Mom survey, we asked Social Moms about the most important thing in their life, next to their children and spouse. And since most survey participants still had very young children living with them, it came as no surprise that more than half of moms (51%) said a full night’s sleep. And yes, smartphones (19%) and coffee (17%) were more important to Social Moms than their sex life (12%).  Survey respondents were Social Moms, part of the Mom-powered community of online moms.

The concerning part of the Gazelle study is the 85% who have used their iPhone while in the bathroom.  Makes you think about borrowing someone’s phone, doesn’t it?


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