Marketing to Moms: Mom Bloggers Have Political and Social Clout

August 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

With the election season in full swing, I thought it would be interesting to look at the impact that mom bloggers have on the political landscape.  Scarborough studied the effect of Mom bloggers in 2011 and came up with some interesting facts since Mom bloggers make up 14% of all American moms (those with at least one child in the house).  Seems Barak Obama understands the import of Mom bloggers.  He addressed  the BlogHer 8th Annual Conference live via conference in New York earlier this month.

This year mom bloggers will certainly have an influence on the election.  There is even a term for it – “mom the vote”.  Moms tend to agree on issues important to women and children.  Party lines may not be a factor in some debates.  Earlier this year when a lobbyist on CNN commented that Ann Romney “had never worked a day in her life”, mom bloggers went to work and by the end of the day, the lobbyist had apologized.  Even Michele Obama weighed in on Ann Romney’s side by tweeting “Every mother works hard, and every woman deserves to be respected.”

Political and Social Influence

It should be no surprise that mom bloggers tend to be more politically and social involved than non-bloggers.  After all, bloggers tend to be more influential in peer recommendations and have a following. They are self-publishers of their world.  More than three-quarters of mom bloggers say they “always vote” in presidential elections and 45% always vote in state elections.  And mom bloggers are twice as likely as all mothers to have contributed to a political organization in the past 12 months.

Are they red or blue?  Well 29% of mom bloggers self-identify as Democrats, 25% as Republicans, 29% as Independents and 17% as none of the above.

While they may not agree on parties, they do agree on lots of issues:

•  Arts and Culture.  They are twice as likely as all moms to have contributed to an arts/cultural organization.

•  Social Care/Welfare.  They are 75% more likely to have contributed to a social care/welfare organization.

•  Environmental Issues.  They are 64% more likely have contributed to an environmental organization.  They are 85% more likely to support a politician based on environmental agenda.

• Volunteer Activities.  They don’t just write.  They are 38% more likely to have done volunteer work.

Who are these mom bloggers?

These women are college/post-college educated, average 37 years in age, have a higher income ($14,000 higher totaling $84,000 per year) and are more likely to have children aged between two and eleven years of age.  They buy organic food, believe in buying locally grown food, and are more likely to buy eco-friendly cleaning products.

These mom bloggers are also heavy media consumers.  They index heavily in the following:

38% more likely to visit a broadcast TV website

51% more likely to have visited a newspaper website

20% more likely to listen to news radio

58% watch local news on television

Top Mom Blogger Markets

According to the Scarborough Research, in 2011 when the study was compiled, the top local markets for Moms who have read or contributed to blogs in the past thirty days were: Salt Lake City (35%), Seattle/Tacoma (23%), Austin (21%), Nashville (21%), Washington, D.C. (20%) and San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose (20%).


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