Marketing to Moms and Dads: iPhone and iPad Are Winning

September 5, 2012 § Leave a comment


It finally happened.  My husband is coming to the light.  He is getting a new iPhone.

New iPhone May Look Like This

And it seems that he is not alone.  While Android phones surged ahead last year, new research shows that iPads and the new iPhones are preferred for the end of the year.

Research from Yankee Group:  “A smaller percentage of consumers—only 39 percent of respondents who intend to buy a smartphone in the next six months—plan to buy one that runs Android, indicating that Android interest is flagging. Compare that with the 42 percent of consumers who plan to buy an iPhone in the next six months, and our landscapes suggest that Apple will see another record-setting launch this fall.”

In my humble opinion, there are many reasons that iPhones win.  The integration with all Mac devices, the camera,  Facetime, and iTunes are just a few.  Since everyone else in the family has an iPhone, my husband is realizing how simple it is to be connected with his laptop and his family.  Research from says one in five users who identified as Android users plan on replacing their current handset with Apple’s next iPhone. The survey group of 1,300 indicated that most smartphone customers are seeking longer battery life, a faster phone, and 4G LTE wireless connectivity.

The new introduction of the sixth-generation iPhone is high anticipated.  It’s the American way.  Competition is good.  And when it comes to tablets, here’s an interesting tidbit – for every Android tablet in use today, there are 6.6 iPads.  eMarketer predicts the number of iPad users in the US will rise by over 90% this year to 53.2 million, as loyal users replace older models and new consumers purchase the device.  eMarketer estimates more than half of tablet users this year to be men (54%), but by the end of the forecast period the gender split is expected to be even.



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