Marketing to Women: Time to Market with Pinterest?

September 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

Still afraid to jump into Pinterest marketing?  Valerie Kuznik, a Lipstick Economy Contributor, has found three big take-aways from a great infographic from Maxymiser on Pinterest marketing.  

  1. Who is on Pinterest? Your dream consumer! These users are “an active group of people who are willing to tell the world about the things they want, identify with and recommend.” Log on and meet your “online world-of-mouth marketing team” ready and waiting to shout your brand from the rooftops.
  2. What about Facebook? In terms of generating referral traffic, Pinterest trumps Twitter but still falls short of Facebook. That being said, it still drives more traffic than the combined efforts of YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google +. Impressive!
  3. How can I use Pinterest for my brand? Make sure that the boards you create “help to tell your story.” Who is your brand? What is its personality? What inspires the brains behind your brand? Other must-dos include adding the Pinterest icon to your website, allowing others to repin your content, and pairing every piece of content to which you want to draw traffic with a killer, eye-catching photo. If this means hiring a photographer or graphic designer, it’s worth it! Grab a Pinner’s attention and be prepared to reap the rewards.


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