Marketing to Women: Occupying Halloween

October 29, 2012 § 1 Comment

“I call it Occupying Halloween,” consumer anthropologist Robbie Blinkoff tells Horovitz in a recent USA Today article. “My gut tells me that it’s bigger than Halloween, and is actually part of our culture. We need to creatively express ourselves to find pure joy.”

That’s what one expert thinks is behind the huge popularity of Halloween among adults.  It’s “taking place in virtually every city in America,” Horovitz writes. “At bars. At restaurants. At movie theaters. Even at high-end gift shops. Like treats snatched from a trick-or-treat bag, adults have slowly been stealing Halloween from kids for years. Now it appears, grown-ups own the holiday.”

Halloween is the strangest of holidays.  It is neither patriotic, religious  or historical.  Yet, it is celebrated nationally.  I think this is part of a trend that shows our need to celebrate and express creativity.  It has invaded all of our popular culture – movies, books, television, food and costumes.  In today’s society many people feel a sense of isolation and disconnection from their family, their community and their environment.  A playful holiday gives reason to have a little fun and connect with people in an acceptable way.   Maybe the recession is ending and we are trying to bring back the fun in our lives.

The average person will spend $79.82 on Halloween candy, costumes and décor, according to a National Retail Federation survey   That will bring total spending to $8 billion — the most in the survey’s 10-year history.

If you are still debating on your costume, here’s the scoop on what’s popular this year from NRF, in a handy infographic.  Please note that costumes this year are for adults, children and pets.  Pets seem to be the big new category as well.  Guess that’s all those baby boomers and young millennials who now consider themselves pet parents.  Americans will spend $370 million on dressing up their pets this year.

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  • Halloween has essentially turned from being a festival for kids to something entirely dedicated for marketing, promotion and stuff like this among the adults. I totally agree with your view point on this.

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