Marketing to Women: Checking on Moms Post-Election

November 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

Who was the winner in the election?  Evidently women were!  For the first time in history, the nation elected twenty women to the US Senate, including the first Asian-American woman.  In spite of the gains on Tuesday night, we might still want something else – a female president. Before the end of President Barack Obama’s acceptance speech, Hillary2016 was trending on Twitter.  But what are Moms concerned about post-election?  Take a look.

Thanks to, for a post-election snapshot of the mood of moms taken:

  • Mood of Mom: Nervous (34%), happy (27%) and indifferent (14%) are how moms categorized their feeling, post-election.  One message that topped the list is that moms are relieved that Election 2012 is over.
  • Moms Take Issue:  Concerns about the economy (61%), jobs (19%) and healthcare (13%) topped moms’ list as the single most important issues facing the country into 2013.  However, nearly 3 in 5 moms report that the election will unlikely impact their confidence that their family’s healthcare needs will be met.
  • TV Ranked Supreme: Even though election night was the biggest event in Twitter history with a record setting 20 million tweets, moms reported tuning in to television (76%) and traditional news sources to get election news throughout the season.
  • Good Morning, Madame President:  Could the Clintons return to the White House? 87 percent of those surveyed expect to see a female President during their lifetime.  Hillary Clinton topped the list as the most likely candidate to grace the Oval Office.
  • It’s Looking Good, Girl: 45% of moms with daughters report that they’re more optimistic about their daughters’ future today than before the election.  Only 12% of moms with girls are feeling more pessimistic.

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