Marketing to Women: Expert Content Most Trusted

April 2, 2014 § Leave a comment

What content works best?  Marketers are struggling to make out what content is most valuable and how it works for them.  But, let’s look at how it works for the shopper.  The study recognizes three types of content:

Unknown• Expert Content:  Independent editorial reviews.  You know, the stuff you don’t pay for, in credible forums written by recognized experts.  If you were in the tech field, you might want a Walt Mossberg review or a TechCrunch story.

• Branded Content:  Paid materials like advertorials, company websites, or company blogs.

• User-generated content:  Unpaid reviews by web users on sites.

A new study from Nielsen and inPowered looked at the major types of content and its effect on the purchasing process.  And guess what?  A huge 85% of participants in the study said they seek out third-party information for all sorts of products.  They may use a variety of sources for information including social media, user reviews, advertising, websites and expert reviews.


But when it comes to purchase consideration, affinity and familiarity, expert reviews win every time.

Screen-Shot-2014-03-25-at-3.34.16-PMAccording to the study, 61% of participants said they were less likely to trust any review commissioned by the company that produced the product while editorial writers are, by definition, offering their honest opinions.

Some might interpret this information as meaning you need only public relations.  But the truth is, all that content adds up to more than just one vehicle can accomplish alone.  Expert reviews may proceed a new product announcement.  Advertising will follow up and create awareness for the product.  Websites may provide product details.  And word of mouth and user reviews help reinforce the expert opinion and advertising claims.  It’s not just one


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