Marketing to Mobile Women: Smartphone Shoppers Smarter than Store

January 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

This past holiday season was the turning point for shoppers having access to the information they need.  Not only did 69% of shoppers access a retailer website while in-store, but now it looks like the smartphone shopper may have more information than the store associate.

A report from Motorola Solutions says that a majority of retail associates (55%) said that 2010 holiday shoppers, driven by increasing availability of online shopping tools and mobile phone applications, were better connected to consumer information than in-store associates.

Tech-savvy shoppers are leaving stores that can’t provide the goods – nearly three in ten left a store with $134 left unspent.  The reasons for walking away are lack of a deal, out-of-stocks, limited store associate assistance and long check-out processes.

For marketers, the way to turn the tide might be to arm associates with hand-held devices.  The survey indicates that when surveyed shoppers received guidance from a retail associate armed with a handheld mobile computer, over four in 10 (43%) reported the device improved their shopping experience.

Today’s shopper has the ability to make on the spot shopping comparisons and customer service now means an expectation for more than attentiveness.  Shoppers with smart phones used their device to determine 39% of their walk-out incidents; 12% checked prices at other retailers online; and 8% checked availability at other stores.




Marketing to Women: The Cellphone v. The Landline

August 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

The original cellphone was the Motorola “Brick”.  It was the coolest thing on the planet in the 80s.  And very few people had them.  Fast forward to today, and  82% of adults use cellphones.  And that’s not counting the ten year old in your household who absolutely thinks they need one.

The unbelievable growth in mobile phones is evidenced by the fact that in the year 2000, only 53%  of adults had a cell phone compared to the 82% of adults with cellphones today.

As cellphone usage has grown, there has been a corresponding decline in the use of landlines.  According to Pew Research Center,  back in the peak year 2001 of landlines, 97% of households had a landline.  Today only 74% of homes have one.

Just ask anyone under 30.  Fewer than half (46%) of 18- to 29-year-olds surveyed consider the landline phone a necessity of life, but 59% of the same group consider the cellphone a necessity.

The 24/7, full-on mobile lifestyle that we live has made a mobile phone a necessity but interestingly enough, the cellphone is valued for more than talking – it’s valued for its email, text, camera, web, entertainment and mapping features for today’s user.

So for you marketers who are stuck in the 80s style of marketing, it’s time to tap into the importance of mobile marketing.  Make sure your websites are optimized for mobile.  Take a look at mobile marketing programs.  Invest some money for experimentation.  Mobile is not going anywhere.  It is only going to continue to grow in importance with smartphones and tablets replacing laptops and landline phones.


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