Marketing to Moms: Smartphone Moms are Apple Moms

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I have been writing for some time about how smartphones are a Moms best friend.  And of course, my phone of choice is the iPhone.  Oh, and the iPad for Facetime and Skype.  And of course, my MacBook Pro for Facetime.  I have long believed that these are the tools of choice for Moms and recent new research reinforces this maternal love of Apples!

So here’s how the Apple rolls – as expressed by Arbitron and Edison Research Moms and Media 2012 Research:

•  92% of Moms own a cell phone

•  61% of Moms own a smartphone. The number of Moms with smartphones doubled from 2011 to 2012.   In 2009, only 8% of Moms had a smartphone.  By the way, the iPhone celebrated its fifth birthday this year.

•  51% of Moms own an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod

•  25% of Moms own iPhones, and 32% of Moms own those Android phones.  Yes, Android did have a growth spurt as they modeled their phones after iPhone functionality.

•  iPhone users exhibit more loyalty than non-iPhone users.  When asked which they couldn’t live without – the iPhone or television – 70% chose their iPhone!

•  Yes, we sleep, eat and go to the bathroom with our iPhones.  93% say their smartphone is always nearby.  

What does Apple love have to do with marketing?  Well, I am glad you asked.  Moms know a thing or two about purchasing.  They have a buying power of $2.4 trillion in 2011.  And mobile devices are part of their purchasing behavior.   A new report from Mojiva shows that 97% of tablet-owning Moms made a purchase using their tablet in the past month.  I know, I was one of them.  I purchased plane tickets, shoes and books. When you look at all connected moms, you find that 62% use a shopping app and 46% want to receive information while in a store.   

Can you imagine how many more Moms will jump at the chance to have the new iPad mini and iPhone 5 coming out this Fall?  It will be a GREEN Christmas for Apple.

Marketing to iPhone Moms: The Fastest Growing Buyers of iPhones

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We knew it, long before most marketing executives realized it.  Oh, yes, it seems that they knew online Moms were important.  But here’s the new news for some folks:  Moms are the fastest-growing buyers of iPhones.  They are also voracious users of  search, media, music, social media, news and photos.  Go to any carpool line, sports game, coffee shop or grocery store, and you will see Moms armed for the daily battle of juggling kids, shopping, exercise, friends and careers.

According to NPD, the number of moms with smartphones is about equal to men of the same age, but they are adopting the technology at a faster pace. The number of moms who purchased iPhones grew 132 percent in the first quarter of 2011 compared with the same time last year — outpacing men, who rose by 121 percent, according to NPD. Overall, adult purchases of the smartphone grew 117 percent.

Currently, 25% of folks with smartphones use the device as their main connection to the internet.  Currently 63% of all internet traffic comes from computers, but in 2015, some predict that less than 50% of web traffic will come from computers, reflecting the rise in smartphone usage.

What’s the attraction with an iPhone?  I think it is the headstart that Apple got with apps for adults and children, Google maps,  the seamless beauty of an integrated iTunes/ iPod, a decent camera, the miracle of FaceTime, iBooks and a fashion forward sense of style.  I mean, who is secure enough to run ads that say “If you don’t have an iPhone, well,  you don’t have an iPhone”.

So what are some takeaways for marketing to iPhone moms?  Make sure you have a mobile friendly website or an app.  Realize that comparison shopping is happening all the time, everywhere.  Integrate social media into all your web entities because life’s a 24/7 conversation.  Recognize that consumer reviews can make or break you so you have to respond to reviews.  And start testing mobile advertising.

So what am I doing right now?  Checking all the techy sites, trying to learn what the new iPhone 5 is going to bring us Moms.

If you are interested in participating in the SocialMoms Benchmark Study to help SocialMoms understand how social networking and technology is changing our lives, click here:

Marketing to Moms: Smartphone Adoption By Moms Up 64%

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More news keeps coming out about the early adoption of smartphones by Moms.  Here at The Lipstick Economy, we have been noting this phenomena for the past year.  The latest study, Baby Center’s “21st Century Mobile Mom® Report, shows the smartphone as more indispensible to Moms than the ubiquitous minivan.  In fact, more than half (53%) of the moms surveyed said they purchased a smartphone upon becoming a mom.  Moms are 18% more likely than the average women to have a smartphone.

Adoption of smartphones among moms has risen 64% in the past two years, and 51% of moms say they are “addicted” to their smartphone, taking them everywhere, including bed and the bathroom.

The transition to Mom can also be tracked through the popularity of the features they use.  Upon becoming a mom, the most important features of the phone change from address book/texting to camera/video camera.  Apps become more important as well, with Moms have ten or more apps downloaded, with one out of four being for her kids.

Other important job for the smartphone include:

Health and wellness.  One-third of Moms have used their smartphone for health and wellness activities.

Social networking.  Duh.  Reading social newsfeeds (56%), updating her status (54%), and reading answers to posted questions (48%).

Shopping.  68% use their smartphone while shopping.  46% say the most convenient time to receive info about a product is when they are in-store.  62% use shopping apps to research and compare prices.

Media Consumption. Seems we spend 37% of our daily media time with our phones.  To put that in perspective, that is double the amount of time we spend on TV and other media.  78% use email on their phones, and Moms are 284% more likely to text than call their friends.

Mobile Ads. 46% of moms have taken action after seeing an ad on their smartphone.  We like coupons, nearby local deals and bar code scanning deals.

No doubt the growing adoption is because of the growing availability of both iPhones and Android versions of the smartphone.  Smartphone adoption will only continue to grow. In a recent Social Moms survey, some 54% of those without smartphones are actively thinking about getting one, and 65% of those are going to purchase one within 90 days.

Fast forward five years and will our smartphone have replaced our keys, our laptop, our camera, our GPS and more?    I can’t wait!


Social Moms: 5X More Likely to Carry Smartphones

February 10, 2011 § 3 Comments

I just love it when research supports what I already think!  In January, SocialMoms
(formerly TwitterMoms) conducted their first annual SocialMoms Mobile survey and found that 68% of Social Moms are packing a smartphone.

Their survey found that social media moms are more than twice as likely to carry a smartphone as the general population, and five times more likely to carry a smartphone as the average women.  Nielsen data shows that 31% of the US population now carries a smartphone, and that number is growing faster than it can be reported, with the proliferation of Androids and the accessibility of iPhone through Verizon.

Here’s what SocialMoms says about the importance of Smartphone Moms:

For companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Blackberry maker RIM, social moms represent a rich and desirable target. Moms frequently reference brand names in their conversations both online and offline. However, social media moms present a major marketing opportunity, because courting her influence could really pay dividends. How so? Well, just 18% of moms who use social media account for 78% of overall influence, according to a recent BabyCenter study. In addition, a Keller Fay study showed that moms are most likely to take action after brand conversations, and to pass on information about brands to peers.”

For those Social Moms who don’t have an iPhone yet, the time is coming.  Most are sitting on the sidelines waiting on contracts to expire.  Research shows that 54% are actively considering smartphone options and 65% of those moms planned to make the switch within the next 90 days.

This research parallels other studies we have cited here showing that Moms use their phones for email, social networks, sharing pics and messaging with contacts.  Let’s don’t forget using it as a shopping tool and to entertain our kids in restaurants and other public places.

Thanks SocialMoms!



Marketing to Moms: TripAdvisor Reviews Require a Response

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According to TripAdvisor, less than 4 percent of negative reviews on TripAdvisor get a response.

The popular review site has more than 30 million reviews posted.  And while select hotels are gearing up to be able to respond to these reviews, they need to embrace and understand the immediacy of social media.  Consumers are using TripAdvisor, Open Table, Twitter and Facebook to tell the world what they think about service and how well the venue met expectations.

An article in USA Today shows how some hotels and chains are responding.

Consumers voice their concerns "in the moment" using social media

The consumer travel review is reaching new heights of importance for hotels and resorts.  Travelersare now able to voice their concerns in an “in the moment” way, and managers and owners will need to respond and use this information to improve the customer experience.  And by the way, not just negative comments deserve a response.  I was in a Hard Rock Hotel recently and had a really good experience.  The manager noticed that I “tweeted” about it and responded with a very nice “thank you” which was appreciated.

Adding to the immediacy of the response is the announcement of TripAdvisor’s new mobile Web site.

I just tried out the new mobile-configured TripAdvisor on my iPhone.  It’s easy to read and navigate by following the three main headings – Stay, Eat, See.  The new free mobile app will allow users to find restaurants, hotels and attractions via their smartphone in a user-friendly way.   And users will also be able to post reviews and comments more easily.  In the beta stage, the mobile site has attracted more than a million users.

With the advance of mobile marketing, marketers will need to employ new ways of delighting their guests.  Smartphones are the tool of choice for Moms and they are the ones most likely to enter into the conversation, registering both good and bad news.

As the saying goes,  “bad news travels fast.”  And today’s new technology has accelerated the game.


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