Marketing to Women: Women Send 717 Texts per Month

March 17, 2011 § 2 Comments

Trading Texting for Talking.

Women text some 30% more texts per month than men (717 texts per month v. 552 sent by men).  And who does the most texting?  Any parent of a teenager can tell you.  According to Nielsen, girls aged 13-17 averaged 3,276 texts v. 155 texts for guys.  That means teenage girls are texting an average of 109 texts per day.  The number indicate that all of us have traded “texting” for talking.

Only those over 55 spend more time talking on the phone than texting.

The only activity with their phones that men seem to marginally lead is surfing the Internet (31% for men vs. 29% for women), reading and sending e-mail (33% vs. 30%) and downloading apps (24% vs. 21%).

So Moms beware as your daughters turn 14!  They text their friends before they get together, they text others about being together, and as soon as they leave, they text each again!



Marketing to Women: Women Talk, Text and Shop on their Smartphones

January 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

With the explosion of mobile devices and the reports coming out of the CES Show in Las Vegas, it is interesting to see who is actually using their phones the most.  Nielsen just came out with timely information on our use of all those mobile devices.  While smartphone usage is now one in three, with all the new devices coming out, we will see smartphone usage explode.  Here are some 2010 facts (meaning they will be changing soon):

  • Number of Mobile Phone Users 13+:  228 million
  • Percent of U.S. Mobile Subscribers with Smartphones:  31%
  • Number of mobile phone web users:  83.2 million

Women Have More to Say

  • Female mobile phone users talk 28% more than men, spending 818 minutes per month (compared to men’s 640 minutes)
  • Female mobile users text 29% more than men, sending and receiving an average of 716 texts per month (compared to men’s 555 texts)
  • And we love our apps.  Currently the average number of apps on a phone is 27, the better to do our planning and saving.

How we spend our Mobile internet time

  • Email – 38.5% of time
  • Social Networks – 10.7%
  • News/Current Events – 7.2%
  • Search – 6.3%
  • Portals – 4.6%
  • Entertainment – 4.3%
  • Sports – 4.1%
  • Music – 4.0%
  • Videos/Movies – 3.0%
  • Weather – 2.8%

Women’s Use of the Smartphone for Shopping Grew Exponentially During the  2010 Holidays

  • More than a third of women used their phones as an important shopping tool, compared to 28% of men
  • Some 62% were looking for price comparisons, and 46% used them for price comparison in store

Teens Are The Texting Tornadoes

  • Mobile phone users 13-17 receive an average of 3,705 tests per month
  • The next highest group of texters are 18-to-24-year-olds.

In the Phone Wars (iPhone v. Android v. Blackberry), here’s the top 5 of smartphones people own:


Marketing to Women: Southern Women Talk on Cellphones Most

August 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Well, here’s a shocker.  People in Southeastern states talk more than other people.

According to a recent Nielsen report, cell phone users in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas use more than 800 voice minutes per month on average. The states with the least usage were Iowa and Wyoming.

Hmmm, I resemble this!  Could it be that I am even more talkative because I have lived in both Tennessee and Texas?

Of course, Southern women talk a lot.

Heck, in the U.S. average women talk 22% more than men (856.3 minutes a month compared to men’s 666.7). Turns out, American women are more communicative in general on mobile devices; they text more, too, sending or receiving an average of 601 SMS messages a month compared to the 447 monthly text messages sent or received by the average American male.

What if you are an African-American female in the South?  Hope you have unlimited minutes!

According to Nielsen, African-Americans use the most voice minutes – on average more than 1,300 a month. Hispanics are the next most talkative group, chatting an average of 826 minutes a month. Even Asians/Pacific Islanders, with 692 average monthly minutes, talk more than Whites, who use roughly 647 voice minutes a month.

Marketers, that means that women are using those mobile devices longer and can be reached by mobile advertising and texting.  Are you trying out any mobile marketing as part of your budget?

Read more: Nielsen: Southerners talk on cell phones most – Nashville Business Journal


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